Information about the
Trainers at Legacy Gym


Trainer: MMA/No-Gi/BJJ

Full Name: Billy Petersson


Born In: Gothenburg, Sweden

Fighting Experience: 1-0 Amature MMA, 200+ BJJ And NO-Gi Fights

Favourite technique: Choking People!

My name is Billy Peterson im 30 years old, from Gothenburg, Sweden. I started my martial arts career with Muay Thai in 2004 in Skara, Sweden. Trained Muay Thai for few months, then I injured my foot and could not keep train, but still want to train something, so one guy at the gym told me there was a Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy in Skövde. So I went there and tested it out and was immediately hooked and have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since then. I have also been training MMA from time to time sens 2006.

Have now been training, competing and been an instructor in BJJ for 10yrs. Im a brown belt under the brothers Mario and Fernando Yamasaki and my Swedish instructor and friend Pilo Stylin who is a black belt under them.

Right now I live in Ubon Ratchatani,Thailand, where I am No-Gi / BJJ coach at Legacy Gym. Have been here sens 2012.


Trainer: Ajarn Lai

Full Name: Bunlai Bintong

Nickname: Lai

Born In: Warin Chamrap

Fighting Experience: 200 Muay Thai fights, 50 Pro Boxing fights

Favourite technique: Power right hands and Elbows

Ajarn Lai started his muay thai career over 30 years ago, and is still an active fighter. In his prime, Ajarn Lai fought in both major stadiums in Bangkok, Lumpini and Rachadamnoen, and has had fights televised on Channel 5 and Channel 4 in Thailand.

He started coaching muay thai at the age of 25, and has been part of the Legacy Gym coaching staff since 2007.

Ajarn Lai is known for his great sense of humor and his extraordinary ability to produce a six-pack when posing for photos.


Trainer: Ajarn Noom

Full Name: Chatmongkhon Simma

Nickname: Noom

Born In:

Fighting Experience:

Favourite technique:

Ajarn Noom


Trainer: Ajarn Nuay

Full Name: Pakaiphet Sangchote

Nickname: Mongkol Khao Sitduangdee

Born In: Ubon Ratchathani

Fighting Experience: 180+ Muay Thai fights, 1 MMA Fight

Favourite technique: Kicks over punches any time!

The latest addition to the Legacy coaching staff, Ajarn Nuay, has been fighting since he was 8 years old. After making a name for himself in the Ubon fight scene, he moved to Ketsingnoi gym in Bangkok in his early teens.

The majority of his fights were fought in the hyper-competitive Bangkok muay thai circuit. Although he still fights from time to time, he has now decided to dedicate himself to full-time coaching at Legacy Gym.